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4. TimeStamper

Logging flight times is an important task for all pilots.  It is not only needed to satisfy regulatory requirements, but also to keep track of the flight progress, e.g. how we're doing against the schedule.

If you're like us, then you dread UTC/local conversions and adding/subtracting times.  Or what about those times when you were looking for a working pen to jot down times at critical moments or those occasions when you could hardly decipher your handwriting?

This is where the RightBase TimeStamper comes in.  Simply click a button with a single finger at the four 'time critical' points of a flight.

No more:
  • UTC/local conversions
  • cumbersome calculations
  • fumbling with pen and paper
  • embarrassment about unclear handwriting

Try it for yourself!  As all RightBase tools, it's free!

Tapping four buttons during the flight is all it takes to get flight and block times

Block and flight times are automatically calculated