Navigation app

The RightBase Navigation calculator automates typical E6B planning calculations. It consists of six input fields:

  1. Wdir: Wind direction in degrees (from met report)
  2. Wv: Wind velocity (speed) in user-specified units (from met report - normally knots)
  3. FF: Fuel Flow in user-specified units (from airplane manual)
  4. TAS: True Airspeed in user-specified units (from airplane manual - normally knots)
  5. CRS: Course (desired track over ground) in degrees (from chart), congruent with Wdir (e.g. true, magnetic or compass)
  6. Dist: Distance, using same units as for TAS (from chart). E.g., if TAS is entered in knots, then Dist values must refer to nautical miles (NM).

To add values - just tap the input box to type in new values. Use the 'previous' and 'next' buttons to easily cycle through the fields.

Once all input values have been entered, click the 'Calc!' button. The following are calculated in a snap:

  • GS: Groundspeed; units are the same as those used for TAS and Distance
  • HDG: Heading to steer in degrees (true, magnetic or compass)
  • Time: Time in minutes
  • Fuel: Amount of fuel required; units are the same as those specified for Fuel Flow (FF).

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Simplified calculations with easy entry