Weight & Balance app

Calculating weight and centre of gravity (CG) before flight a regulatory requirement.

RightBase developed tools for a Wizz Air A320 and some General Aviation aircraft (Cirrus SR22 and Piper PA44).

Just tap on the input boxes and enter the data, then hit 'Calc'!

a. Load & Trim (Wizz Air A320 71.5t)

  • Enter data in blue ('pilot selected') fields; the magenta fields are calculated ('managed') by the app
  • Bag weight ('wt') is auto-calculated based on standard bag weight but can be overridden (tap on 'wt' field)
  • Once figures for payload (bags & passengers), fuel and (dry operating) aircraft data are entered, hit 'Calc' to see the results
  • Entry of totals as well as (hold and passenger) compartment distribution allows cross-checking. 'kg=' and '#=' fields should equal 0 after distribution.
  • Compare against the ground handler's workings
  • Notes:
    • Pax includes males (M), females (F) and children (C) but infants are excluded (usual convention)
    • rmp = ramp (fuel)
    • trp = trip (fuel)
    • standard taxi fuel of 200 kg assumed
    • enter 3-digit DOI without a comma (i.e. DOI x10, e.g. '512' for 51.2)
    • u/ld = underload (i.e. spare capacity before hitting next weight constraint)

Download it here!

b. General Aviation

The following input rows need to be populated with values (pre-defined where possible):

  • Basic Empty a/c: for values of basic empty mass and arm
  • Row 1: for mass and arm of pilots/passengers in the front row of the aircraft
  • Row 2: for mass and arm of pilots/passengers in the rear row of the aircraft
  • Baggage: for mass and arm of the baggage compartment
  • Fuel (FOB, taxi* & trip): for mass and arm of fuel in the aircraft. CAREFUL: convert volume to mass! For light aircraft 1 USG Avgas = 6 lbs
    • (*) Fuel allowance for start-up, taxi & run-up. Enter as a positive value; the app will automatically subtract as appropriate.

Values for zero fuel, ramp, takeoff and landing conditions are calculated by the app and may be recorded onto a flight log for future reference.

Download it here!